Limited Edition Print Graphic  

#7 of 30

102 x 180 cm. (40.1 x 70.8 in.)


A limited edition print of a masterpiece by Niclas Castello carrying a deep significance  about the far-reaching consequences of gun violence. The title 'No Guns - More Gums' relates to the current and ongoing issues surrounding the issues of violence in relation to firearms. Castello portrays his own thoughts, in somewhat hidden meanings in this painting. While his intimate thought process on this topic might pose a challenge to the viewer it also portrays the artist's idea of a solution. 'No Guns - More Gums' promotes his suggestion of finding a personal balance in the ordinary and more rythmic activities in life, such as chewing gums. It's a symbol for the ordinary outweighing the extreme actions in the long run. Castello's remarks included on the painting are written in both, his mother tongue German, as well as English and addresses the issue straight to the point by asking what is it all really about. Not only does this artpiece question the origin of the violence issue but reaches further by exploring the possible consequences of the actions of each individual.