Sydney Romance

Sydney Romance


Oilstick & Acrylic on Canvas

152 x 230 cm. (59.8 x 90.6 in.)


A quirky and yet sophisticated approach by contemporary artist Niclas Castello to capture his personalised ideas about the essence of Sydney lifestyle.

Additionally the artist incorporates hints about his biggest passion along side art, which is Sylvie Meis, his soon to be wife whom he met in 2019. The coded letters in the circular crossword at the bottom right can be interpreted to signify the blossoming of their romance. Castello’s high-Profile wedding to supermodel Sylvie Meis is planned for September 2020 which gives this piece of art a very current significance.


Being part of the two-piece original ‘Australia’ series "Sydney Romance" is inspired by Niclas Castello’s first visit to Australia, which was planned for 2019.

Although the artist’s trip had to be postponed to a future date, the unique artworks reflect his initial ideas about the country Down Under.

Both paintings allow the viewer to gain insight into Castello’s very personal expectations of Australia, in form of his collected notes. Additionally, these masterpieces also intrigue by containing an uncomprehending aspect, which leaves room for open interpretation.