The Kiss - Shiny Red

The Kiss - Shiny Red


Sculpture, Special Compound Material

high gloss coating


27.5 x 49.5 x 13cm. (10.8 x 19.5 x 5.1in.)


The iconc hand-made sculpture by contemporary shooting-star artist Niclas Castello is a magnificent blend of happening Pop and Concept art.

Inspired by the sensual shape of feminine lips, this piece of art holds a high symbolic significance. Whilst being an ode to female beauty it also poses as an ambivalent symbol of love, purity and humanity. The reception of this artwork was so successful that Castello has launched the 'Legend of Aurea' project. This project will be based on him creating the heaviest and most valuable piece of art ever made in form of a solid gold lip. The 185kg sculpture is made out of 24 karat pure gold and is valued at 7.4 million Euros. Castello has planned a unique sensation by sinking this incredible artpiece into the deepest part of the ocean to eternalise his legacy for the future. By purchasing 'The Kiss' sculpture, which is the same format as the golden lips, you will become owner of Castello's limited Lip-sculpture series.